With so much misinformation around death rates and actual cause of death (Dr. Rhonda Patrick claimed that 96% of all individuals whom have died from COVID-19 were also Vitamin D deficient) sheltering us all in, has slowed the spread of the virus yes, but has had hidden costs.

Did you know the global supply chain coming to a screeching halt (due to the lock down) endangers the bottom 250 million people in the world’s population economically of starving to death? So when people do not feel great around the virus 🦠 it is more complicated then simply not having compassion for individuals whom have and or will die for it.

The anger seems to be set upon the Elysium style global leadership whom have made and are still making some pretty odd choices that maybe protect themselves and their own countrymen but with little to no regaurd for the totality of the potential loss of human life (Globally). Now that’s an empathy problem.

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