No Offense, it was until and upto when she accused Bernie Sanders of telling her in private that a woman couldn’t win the presidency that many of us were equally willing to vote for her. It was a polarizing moment, she’s accusing him, he rebuts he never said it and she then goes even further to accuse him, of accusing her of lying.

I don’t need to tell anyone why the DNC doesn’t want some independent winning their own parties’ nomination, but watching her use her political power to attempt to erase Sanders’ credibility felt more like a boxer taking the fall for the mob then an honest to God outrage that needed to be met publicly during the debates.

So unless people are willing to truly understand why an entire section of Registered Democrats turned on her, it will ultimately be difficult to have a frank discussion on what really happened to her race for the Oval Office.

Warren turned on her ally publicly & it back fired, not super complicated.

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