An angel sat watching man, whom, at this precise moment in time, wondered if he has indeed been given an unwinnable hand. The man sat, gripping in his right hand, a handgun of German descent, a force of judgement. Perhaps not the most accurate kind, but reliable according to the salesman, a few weeks prior.

The Angel, waited, as he had many times before, pressing down against an invisible button that paused our sense of time passing. Looking up and away from the coming fork in the road, the angel meekly whispered to God, “Is there something I can do for him?”

God had often held plays in Heaven, not the sort of productions possible on Earth, with such limited resources and creators at the helm. Pride cometh before the Fall. The story for which always made God cry was one of his son, Lucifer, the Morningstar, now so far from home, unlike the prodigal son, God knew how this story ended and it did not end the same way, could not possibly end the same way, because to make Lucifer repent for his actions was to be more like him, then Him, in that actionable moment in time, for you see, Lucifer was not beyond redemption, he simply wills to never entertain the idea of pursuing it until the end of time.

A little light trying to get in…

The Angel not wanting to waste time traced his steps towards the man post haste. He stopped mere feet before him to take in the full measure of this man’s suffrage. The angel placing his invisible hand upon the man’s heart. A seismic wave of information flooded the angel’s mind, body & soul. A little girl slipping from a rooftop. A wedding ring hitting a wall so hard that it’s rebounding slowed time in a man’s heart. A voice yelling in so much indifference, ”You are too dangerous to be active in a work site, go home & don’t come back here until you figure out how to get past this.” The sound of an awful progenitor of laughter, not the sound of children in a state of play, but instead the sound of the enemy excited for things to come.

The angel recoiled in fear. Two awful cat-like eyes appeared, not all feline like men are evil, but like human beings, when they truly choose such things it can corrupt through & through. “Hello, Azul, it has been 3 months from this day, since we last did battle for this man & his pathetic soul.” Said the demonic spirit, plainly.

Azul, not wanting to get distracted moved on with his work.

The man in this moment begin to move again, time dilation returning quickly. The gun slouched in his hand. The man looked up and said, “Why God, why?”

The evil spirit began to motion claw like fingers towards the man’s shoulders. Azul reacting quickly produced a simple wooden crucifix. The chaotic spirit recoiled in a flash of fear & anger. The crucifix flew out of Azul’s hand and dissolves like light filled dust into the man’s heart.

The man began to see images flash before him, he saw his daughter’s soul now removed from this world in a state of perpetual grace, taken far away from this plane of existence. God has kept His word in Full & had answered his deepest most sacred prayer in a way that was only for his’ salvation’s sake. His now estranged wife, remarried, now to the man she was always meant to be with, finally at peace with her decisions, bearing children she would never have had, had the man never yielded to God’s plan for their lives.

As he fell forward, inside a brick wall crumbled, behind it an old man with his own eyes looked out from a sea of people. People in pain, looking, searching, then out of more of a brightened sky, a single white dove flew above them all and for one truly peaceful perfect moment, all his anger, his fear was no more and he could feel the Holy Spirit work in him, through him, as He can in any one of us at any time. Laughing was heard but not the kind that hurts but heals us, love from the real well, the never ending source of all goodness, free and for all whom in earnest seek it in their hearts and out of their own Free Will.

For you see God speaks to us all and in the ways that only we can know He is real, that way no one can take His love from us, unless and only if we so choose to reject it.

The gun fell to the ground and made no sound.

The angel staggered back in tears of gratitude. The evil one was nowhere to be seen, nor heard and that day a prophet of the people was born, not to spread a gospel of hate but one of sincere and endless messages of love, real love.

May God always find you in these lowest of roads and lead you home, my fellow children of God.

God Bless you & those you love and especially those whom have been forgotten.